Indigenous Cultural Consulting

Indigenous Cultural Consulting

Indigenous Cultural ConsultingIndigenous Cultural ConsultingIndigenous Cultural Consulting

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Healing Trauma and Loss

This workshop addresses the Healing of Multiple Ongoing Trauma-related Loss and Community Devastation. Participants will learn how to support people who experience multiple losses due to alcoholism, homicide, suicides, colonization, child apprehension, conflict zones, and opioid overdoses.


The Resurgence of 2SLGBTQ People

Indigenous LGBTQ people existed in the Americas before colonization. This workshop explores the precontact history and the contemporary place of Two-Spirit people in Canadian society.


Authenticating Ojibwe Value Systems

Join the workshops facilitators as they explore the Anishinaabe Life Model, a language tool that captures the historic meaning and values rooted in the Ojibwe language. A unique opportunity for program managers, health providers, justice workers and curriculum developers and educators.


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